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Hungary is a state in Central Europe in the Carpathian basin, with a population of 9,772,756 and an area of 93,036 km². Hungary has the 89th place in the world on population and 108th on territory.

Hungary is a moderate developed country that actively participates in international trade. The country is not rich on natural resources, but it has good agro-climatic and recreational conditions, a favorable geographic location.

Hungary has a fairly developed infrastructure, a relatively high level of education and social mobility of the population.

Hungary maintains diplomatic relations with more than 150 states. The largest trading partners are Germany, Austria, Italy and Russia. The EU's participation reaches 67%. Russia is in fourth place in this row. In the export and import structure dominates machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Hungary is an industrial and agrarian country, one of the world's largest exporters of smoked sausages, canned meat, vegetables and fruit, sunflower oil, pork, chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys. The most developed industries are mechanical engineering, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical, metallurgical, textile and food industries.

In the structure of agricultural production, the proportion of crop and livestock production are approximately equal. Hungary grows sugar beets, sunflowers, wheat, rye, corn, hemp, potatoes and vegetables. Viticulture and horticulture are widespread. Wines of Tokay are world famous. Livestock specializes in breeding beef, cattle and pigs. Horse breeding is well developed. Aviculture is also very important.

Up to 30 million tourists visit Hungary annually. The country has worldwide important reserves of thermal and medicinal waters. Many medical baths, sanatoriums and balneological hotels are located on its territory.

Hungary mines a large amount of bauxite (2nd place in Europe), as well as coal, oil, natural gas, iron and manganese ores.

Russian-Hungarian relations are developing progressively. Political contacts at the highest level are regular. All 19 Hungarian regions and 50 subjects of the Russian Federation, including capitals, are involved in cooperation at the regional level. Contacts in the cultural and humanitarian sphere are becoming more and more intensive.


Development of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Hungary is characterized by a qualitative improvement of its political climate, high dynamics of bilateral trade, as well as a steady increase in mutual investments.

Russia exports to Hungary primary energy sources, products of processing, machinery and equipment, Hungary exports machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical products, food products as well as raw materials for their production.