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Hungary at Eco frendly market February 27-28, 2022

eco-friendly-market_2 In Moscow, on the territory of the fashion design factory "Flacon" on February 27-28, a city market on the formation of eco-habits will be held with the presentation of eco-friendly brands, acquaintance with representatives of zero-waste communities and various environmental movements.

Hungary is a country which famous for the quality of its goods. Currently, in addition to quality, companies pay great attention to environmental friendliness, safety for the environment, the possibility of recycling, recycling, "zero waste" technologies, conscious consumption. Active attempts are being made to make conscious consumption not only a fashionable trend, but also a simple, affordable, convenient way of life.

At the upcoming Ecofrendlifest event, Hungary, with the professional support of the Moscow Partner Office of HEPA, will present several of its eco-friendly, ethical brands that are already available in Russia.

Abonett Kft. produces healthy, natural and delicious extruded crackers and snacks.

Abonett breads and sandwiches are made from whole, non-GMO grains grown in compliance with all environmental standards.

Their high fiber content promotes healthy digestion. These products are great for meeting specialAbonett dietary needs, so, for example, they can be of great help in creating low-calorie diets (for example, for weight loss), low-sodium diets, high-fiber diets, gluten-free and yeast-free. The product range includes a wide range of healthy and delicious bread:

- Classic flavors: original, rye, pizza, wheat germ, bran, oats;
- Gluten-free: corn, quinoa, flaxseed, millet, vegetables;
- Organic: with chia seeds, buckwheat and spelt, which do not contain gluten.

It is important to note that all loaves have a Hungarian eco-certificate, which fully complies with the ecostandart of the EU. At the same time, the loaves of the BIO series are made from products grown in controlled bio farms.

Herbow International Zrt.

Herbow products are solutions to real problems. More and more allergies and other diseases are Herbowamplified by various chemical detergents and household chemicals In general, 80% of clothes are not so heavily soiled, so in most cases washing with chemical detergents is not required. For clothes with a moderate degree of contamination, a natural detergent containing soap with excellent washing properties is sufficient.

Herbow's product range is based on a natural detergent that has been used for centuries, which is a natural alternative to synthetic products – the fruits of a subtropical tree (Sapindus Mukorossi). For centuries, the fruit of the soap tree has been used for washing and washing in Southeast Asia. The shell of the soap nut contains a detergent ingredient (Saponin), which provides it with excellent washing ability.