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On December 3, 2020 "Russian ICT DAY 3.0" took place


The Moscow partner office of HEPA took part in the preparation and organization of the international thematic online event "Russian ICT DAY 3.0", dedicated to the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

A number of reports were presented during the event:

- a report on the work of the Partner Office for the promotion of Hungarian companies related to ICT field;

- report on cooperation with the Skolkovo Innovation Center on the integration of Hungarian companies into the Softlanding program (a program to support foreign startups). Over the current year, five Hungarian companies have been integrated into the program (STAVRON, AnimalSoft, Moon 42, Cyclolab, Phonix Control), one of which is MOON42 RDI, is in the process of becoming a Skolkovo resident.

From the Moscow partner office of HEPA spoke:

  • Igor Vereikin - Development Director;
  • Daria Smirnova - Head of the Softlanding Program at the Skolkovo Innovation Center;
  • Alper Meydan - Business Analyst, Project Manager at MOON42 RDI.

The event "Russian ICT DAY 3.0" was successful, all speakers made presentations of their organizations, materials from speakers were provided to the participants of the event.