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On March 1, an online conference “Hungarian technologies in healthcare in Russia. Prospects for cooperation»

The conference addressed several topics related to both the introduction of technologies and the results of localization of certain industries, certification, assessment of the likely complexity and prospects.

The trade representative of the Russian Federation in Hungary, Sergey Bezrukov, informed in detail about the cooperation between the countries in the field of innovative healthcare. Over the past year, the growth in trade was 25.9%, with Russian exports growing by 40% and Hungarian exports by 8%. Non-commodity exports of the Russian Federation also increased by 38%. “Fruitful work has been established between the two states. The trade representation is always open for communication with any companies and businessmen in order to share information and find the right partner,” the trade representative said.

The speech of Anton Rybakov, General Director of Sanatmetall CIS LLC, turned out to be one of the most voluminous and informative in a practical sense. It was told about the successful transfer of Hungarian technologies to the project of import substitution and localization of the production of medical devices for traumatology and orthopedics in Obninsk. He also noted the socio-economic effects from the implementation of this project:

- Creation of new jobs for both young and experienced specialists from various fields with the prospect of further expansion of production;

- Certificates ST-1, GISP List (RF product);

- Provision of healthcare facilities with domestic medical products that meet Russian and European quality standards, under the control of the head production in Hungary and international auditors;

- Obtaining European quality certificates, incl. work on MDR2021;

- Localization of all production chains on the territory of the Russian Federation (injury + ortho);

- Localized production of components of the knee endoprosthesis.

Executive Director of Oncotherm Kft Balazs Ach announced the introduction of the developed medical technology for oncological therapy into the healthcare of the Russian Federation. The topic was continued by the executive director of Bionika Kft, Hajdu Jozsef. His presentation was dedicated to devices for maxillofacial surgery and dental implants.

Practicing traumatologist-orthopedist, professor, director of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Uszoki Hospital, Director of the Department of Traumatology at Semmelweis University Hangodi Laszlo spoke about the experience of using high-tech medical devices for traumatology and orthopedics manufactured by Sanatmetall Kft.