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On October 14, 2020, at 14:00 on the Zoom platform will be held an online conference, dedicated to the development of mutually beneficial ties between Russian and Hungarian enterprises, which is supported by of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI).

The aim of the conference is to create and organize a useful, informative and interesting event that will help attract new members to the MCCI within the framework of Hungarian-Russian cooperation, as well as strengthen Russian-Hungarian economic ties. 

The objective of the event is to display the diversity and versatility of areas of cooperation on the example of the most relevant topic in this period of the global pandemic - "Health and Medicine".

During the conference, the following issues will be discussed:
- mutual trade of medical goods;
- localization of production in Hungary and Russia;
- technology transfer;
- development of health tourism;
- other issues related to health care.

The planned participants of the conference are: representatives of Trade Missions, as well as representatives of the Diplomatic Agencies of Russia and Hungary, representatives of the business communities of both countries, manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment, medical instruments, goods belonging to the category "Healthcare and Medicine", representatives of the banking sector of both countries, representatives HEPA MOSCOW Office (as speakers at the event), as well as the management of the MCCI (as presenters, moderators) with the direct participation of members of the commission on foreign economic cooperation with partners in the countries of the Visegrad MCCI group.