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The Moscow partner office of HEPA MOSCOW has brought a number of Hungarian companies to the Russian market during the year since its opening.

The Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Agency HEPA Moscow (the Hungarian analogue of the Russian Export Center REC), explained PRonline about the main areas of its activities in Russia and the CIS countries over the past year, about key export directions, about what types of Hungarian goods are in the greatest demand among Russian consumers and what are the prospects for the development of Russian-Hungarian trade and economic relations. The importance of the work of HEPA Moscow is great and allows Russian entrepreneurs to develop joint projects with the Hungarian side, creating new jobs and making Hungarian goods more accessible to domestic consumers.

Preparing for the holidays: how Christmas and New Year are celebrated in Hungary and Russia

Soon the festive atmosphere of Christmas and New Year will reign on the streets and in homes. Bright fairy lights, evenings in a warm circle and delicious food - all these are familiar attributes of holidays for the countries of the world. However, apart from them, there are various traditions and customs that may differ. How are winter holidays prepared and celebrated in Russia and Hungary, and what do these two countries have in common? We figure it out together with a representative of the Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Agency HEPA.

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