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Nébar - health and sustainability

The history of Nébar begins more than 25 years ago, but the company began to develop especially actively in recent years.

Winemaking in flight. Part 3

In the third part of our series of articles on Hungarian winemaking and its features, we will focus on a number of regions where wine is produced. As mentioned in previous publications, there are currently 22 wine-growing regions in Hungary, which are sometimes combined into larger regions. In this article, we will consider several very famous and popular regions in Hungary. And let's start with the region -South Pannonia.

Aden - safe cosmetics for everyone

Hungarian decorative cosmetics are not yet well-known in the international market, although they are very popular in their country. Considering the fact that the quality and pleasant price of Hungarian make-up products definitely deserve attention, the Hungarian Export Development Agency HEPA is working to make the whole world know as many brands and products of Hungarian companies with experience in the cosmetic industry, in the field of research and development.

Christmas in Hungary

Christmas lights are lit in Hungary in early November - on the streets, in houses, in shop windows. But the magic itself begins a little later - four Sundays before Christmas, when the Advent candles are lit - so the expectation of Christmas is more fun and interesting. Outside the window is cold, gray twilight, and the warming light of Advent candles and, of course, hot wine - warm the body and soul.

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