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Abonett is a new brand from Hungary which comes into the Russian market - a producer of organic and gluten-free products

In February 2021, HEPA MOSCOW, the partner of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, announced the entry into the Russian market of the Abonett brand, which produces organic, environmentally friendly and gluten-free products for healthy food.   

In situations of pandemics people around the world started to think about healthy lifestyle, taking care of yourself and proper nutrition. The interest to the healthy environmentally friendly food has been growing in Russia too, however at the moment the country is still going through the period of establishment environmentally friendly food market, and so demand still exceeds supply. In this context, the emergence of new companies willing to provide food and healthy lifestyles is important. The Hungarian Abonett brand offers such products and seeks to develop in the Russian market.

Abonett products are foodstuffs that meet the standards of a healthy lifestyle and at the same time meet the needs of modern people who need comfortable and useful snacks that do not take up much time. Among the key products of the brand are delicious extruded bread of several kinds: classic of whole grain flour, gluten-free and organic.

Abonett offers 100% natural, and low calorie content food to customers. The innovative and diverse bread substitute products are made with technology using environmentallly friendly raw materials by local farmers. Taking these factors into account, HEPA MOSCOW sees great potential for the brand in the Russian market, as Grand View Research predicts that the market of organic and green products in Russia will continue to grow at a rate of 10-12% per year.  

Abonett was founded in 1946 and at the moment it is the leading company in Hungary which produces natural and tasty extruded bread and snacks. The financial stability of the enterprise makes it possible to constantly innovate and produce high-quality products. With many years of experience in product development and a flexible approach to cases, Abonett supports partners in entering the international market with products of network trademarks. At present, the company’s goal is to increase the presence of products under its own or network brand on the international market, including the development of a brand in Russia.


Source: www.globalmsk.ru