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Caring for the planet: Hungary encourages the use of environmentally friendly household chemicals

virtual Both manufacturers and buyers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the environment. And this is not surprising, because organic products decompose faster, leave no traces, and do not harm the health of the family. With a safe composition, there can be both detergents and powder. For example, the Hungarian company Herbow uses the fruit of the soap tree. It will be possible to purchase early 2021. The deliveries of environmentally friendly products to the Russian market were organized by HEPA Moscow. 

It's no secret that household detergents are among the largest sources of surface water pollution. And even if the water passes through special treatment facilities, they may not fully absorb the chemicals. And then phosphates, PAOs, flavors and fragrances go straight into rivers. As practice shows, the consequences for the water reservoir can be sad - up to the death of flora and fauna. 

Not only sewage treatment plants, but also washing machines cannot deal with chemicals. As statistics show, up to 5% of washing powder can remain in fabrics. This means that there is a risk of irritation, itching or allergies. The family of one of the founders of the Herbow brand faced such a problem - his daughter was allergic to washing powder.

Herbow is confident that about 80% of all everyday clothes do not get so badly soiled that a synthetic detergent is required to remove them. This means that for most things is enough a high-quality and safe natural agent, the effectiveness of which has been proven for centuries of use. It is known as the fruit of the soap tree, a subtropical plant that competes traditional powders and detergents.

The soap tree fruit is found in all Herbow products - stain removers, washing machine cleaners, fabric softeners, dishwashing detergents and, of course, laundry detergents. In the latter case, the company offers customers small balls that are placed directly into the drum of the machine and are used as capsules for washing. Despite its compact size, the ball can be used up to 5 times - while it can handle 4.5-5 kg of laundry. The balls wash effectively, do not damage the fabric, and the product is easily washed off. The product contains no chemicals or preservatives; it reduces stress on nature and is suitable even for delicate baby skin.

Previously, Herbow products were not available to Russians. The supply of clean ecological products to the Russian market was organized by HEPA Moscow, partner of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency HEPA, which actively contributes to the comprehensive strengthening of Russian-Hungarian relations in the economic sphere. virtual

“The water resources of the planet suffer from a whole list of pollution sources, including effluents. Chemicals that enter them have a detrimental effect on plants, animals and humans. In addition, upon contact, harmful substances are deposited on the skin - this fact also affects health. At HEPA, we support companies that are responsible for their production - with care for the environment and consumers. Now environmentally friendly detergents from the Hungarian manufacturer will be available on the Russian market as well” said a representative of HEPA Moscow.

It will be possible to purchase environmentally friendly household chemicals from the Hungarian company Herbow in stores or on marketplaces already in 1 or 2 quarters of 2021.

Source: www.globalmsk.ru