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Eco-friendly house: new Hungarian brand Cleanne enters the Russian market

In March 2021, HEPA MOSCOW, a partner of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency, announced the entry of the Hungarian brand Cleanne into the Russian market. The brand offers natural home cleaning products based on herbal ingredients.

Cleanne3 Cleanliness in the house is the key to coziness, comfort and well-being. However, it is important to take care not only of perfect cleaning, but also of the safety of cleaning agents. To avoid allergic reactions and minimize harm to the environment, you should pay attention to natural and environmentally friendly products that are equally effective at dealing with pollution and help to keep your home clean and safe. Cleanne is an eco-friendly cleaning product based on natural herbal ingredients. The assortment includes more than 30 items, including carpet cleaners, dishwashing detergents, stain and limescale removers, air fragrances, and car cleaning agents.

Through safe formulas, the brand ensures that consumers can choose healthy, conscious lifestyles rather than filling their home with potentially hazardous chemicals. Using Cleanne products, you can completely wash all surfaces and objects in the kitchen, including windows, appliances and sinks, easiCleanne1ly clean things in the living room, where dirt and bacteria can quickly accumulate, make the nursery 100% clean without the use of hazardous cleaning agents, clean the bathtub, walls and mirrors. All Cleanne products are effective and safe at the same time: natural cleaning products do not harm health and the environment, do not cause allergies and do not pose a danger to the whole family and pets.

Hungarian quality and natural formulas help to ensure a flawlessly clean home and make an conscious choice for a greener lifestyle. All products from the Hungarian-based family company Cleanne are rigorously tested to ensure consumers to receive effective, environmentally friendly and affordable products.

The Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA Moscow), which promotes Hungarian products and technologies, said that at the first stage of promotion, Cleanne products will be sold in the e-commerce format: through marketplaces, online stores and social networks. Further, it is planned to supply natural cleaning products to eco-friendly stores of natural products, retail chains and gas stations, says Dmitry Peshkov, Director of External Communications of HEPA Moscow.

Source: www.globalmsk.ru