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Hungarian medicine – tradition and innovation in the service of maintaining health

Hungarian medicine and pharmaceuticals have long established themselves as reliable and high quality in the international space. Among the Hungarian medical achievements, including the discovery of mRNA technology, which made it possible, in a relatively short time, to create new vaccines that saved 1,000 lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Large studies of cyclodextrins for pharmaceuticals are also being conducted in Hungary. Although this direction is less known to the general public, this does not negate its importance for the production of new, effective drugs and the reduction of the side effects of their exposure. The Hungarian Export Development Agency HEPA is actively promoting the Hungarian medical field in international markets, which will provide better medical care for patients, expand the capabilities of medical professionals and researchers, and improve the overall quality of life of many people.

Inhalo DSI Kft. is a large Hungarian manufacturer engaged in the production of such popular medical equipment as saline inhalers. Before dwelling on the company's products in more detail, it is worth separately focusing on the very concept of "salt inhalations". It is widely known that sea air, saturated with salt, helps to cleanse the lungs and bronchi. In the treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, salt rooms also showed good efficiency, which many experts recommend visiting. For a better understanding, usefulness and effectiveness of salt inhalers, let's talk a little about salt from the point of view of science.

Many think of salt as just a spice, even though it is vital to maintaining good health.

Inhalation therapy has been used for respiratory diseases for a very long time. The beneficial effect of halotherapy, that is, salt therapy, was first demonstrated by the Polish surgeon Flix Boczkowski in 1843.

Salt particles are deposited in the airways at different depths depending on their size. Particles larger than 8 micrometers are deposited in the pharynx, and particles 5 to 8 micrometers in size are deposited in the large airways. Particles ranging in size from 0.5 to 5 microns can reach the lower respiratory tract and settle there. Therefore, they are the most effective for medicinal purposes.

Cyclolab Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of cyclodextrins for pharmaceutical companies. The company is the first manufacturer of Dexolve, a generic Betadex Sulfobutyl Ether Sodium (SBECD = DexolveTM) that meets USP and EP criteria.

The Dexolve component expands the possibilities of preparations based on it:

      Significant increase in solubility (from 10 to 100,000 times)
Improved chemical stability
Increased bioavailability, easier delivery
Reduced aggregation
Moderate irritation or reduced side effects
Maximum patient safety, complete renal elimination
Enables the production of water-insoluble APIs in all dosage forms.
Lower doses of APIs can be achieved

At this stage, the company offers 11 APIs containing SBECD and about 60 more are under development: Voriconazole, Carfilzomib, Amiodarone, Ziprasidone, Maropitant (veterinary), Aripiprazole, Posaconazole, Carbamazepine, Melphalan, Delafloxacin, Brexanolone, Mebendazole, Topiramate, Omeprazole , Clopidogrel, Docetaxel, Meloxicam, Allopregnanolone, Yohexol. The manufacturer conducts extensive scientific developments and actively introduces them into production, successfully expanding the line of cyclodextrins for medicine and veterinary medicine.

REX-SAN Kft.: manufacturer of a wide range of rehabilitation and orthopedic products. The manufacturer believes that every person has the right to independence. Every employee of Rex-San Ltd. has been following this approach since 1991, so clients can enjoy the freedom of movement in a changed life situation. The products that this company produces help support care in hospitals and at home, improve the quality of life and mobility of people with disabilities and during the rehabilitation period. In case of special needs, the Rex-San orthopedic workshop offers individual / non-standard solutions for Patients. All types of beds for hospital and home care with electric, hydraulic or manual control are produced in the partner production plant. The product line includes about 150 different orthopedic devices and other products for medical care. Most of these products are time tested and have been used by thousands of patients for over 25 years. RS product family: metal walking aids and other medical aids: walking sticks, crutches, walking frames, wheeled walkers, shower and toilet chairs, seat lifters, also available for children. RB product family: Orthoses made in our own garment factory: Various support braces for wrist, knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder, etc. Corsets, waist belts, lumbar and neck supports. The company offers other orthopedic and rehabilitation products to meet the most complex needs of patients.

BIONIKA Kft. - manufactures unique implants and implant systems for maxillofacial surgery, traumatology, orthopedics. Has a wide range of own licensed inventions, including unique ones:

     A system of tricortical implants of the AXT (White) type was developed based on the invention of Dr. Zoltan Elischer. ORKI license number: 907/95.
Multi-Compat - the world's new multi-compatible system of implant suprastructures.
The system of dental implants "Bonelit" was developed.
Bionika Cortikal system with epsilon threads with Straumann BL internal compatible fit.
     Thesystem of artificial root implants CORTICAL was developed, according to theoretical and practical professional experience, as well as the recommendations of the famous Hungarian implantologist Dr. Sandor Miskolci,
A new Y-rod called Y3-nail has been developed to effectively treat hip fractures.
A hybrid implantation system for thin bone structures has been developed.

Own modern industrial milling center BIONIKA with five-coordinate machining centers, which allows it to actively introduce the latest developments in the field of maxillofacial surgery and implantation into production. Thanks to Bionika's innovative products and individually adaptive techniques, many patients have fully regained their health and quality of life. The company operates under ISO 13485 quality standards and the CE product quality system for medical devices.