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It was quiet and modest due to the worldwide pandemic on the 774th anniversary in Tarusa. But a few days later, the Administration of the Tarusa region impressed the Hungarian guests with the beauty of its land.
The participants of the trilateral meeting were:

- Coordinator of the Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency HEPA Margarita Horvath;
- Director for Development of the HEPA Moscow office - "VenRusTrade" Igor Vereikin;
- Marketing Advisor Tata Lustas;
- Business consultant Ekaterina Antonova;
- Acting Head of Administration of the Municipal District "Tarusa" Igor Karaulov;
- Deputy Head of Administration of the Municipal District "Tarusa" Roman Soloviev.

During the talks, the sides discussed economic, cultural and business development, and the establishment of business relations. They also discussed possibilities for listing Hungarian goods in local retail chains and their representation in the HoReCa segment. The parties made a visit to one of the shops of the FRESH-Market network: "These are wonderful modern stores that you want to go to every day!" - noted Mrs. Horvath.


Sides actively discussed positive historical legacy of the countries, especially the loyalty of Russians to Hungarian medical industry manufacturers. Representative of the Kaluga Region, as the host of the International Forum of Enterprises and Organizations of Consumer Cooperatives "Bread, you are the universe", showed interest to the development of the Hungarian IT-industry in agriculture.

Hungarian gourmet items will be presented in the unique restaurants-museums of Vladimir Samokhin "Tarusa time" and "Good morning": specially equipped showcases will allow people to get acquainted with the national habitudes of the friendly people.


The parties, of course, did not ignore the eco-products of the Tarusa region, which will undoubtedly be liked by Hungarian consumers.

During the international meeting parties discussed the issues of establishing strong bilateral economic relations between countries in a post-pandemic and an unstable epidemiological situation.

The agreements on the possible consideration of organizing the titles of sister cities, holding the Days of Hungary in Tarusa and organizing an exhibition and sale of Hungarian products were reached as a result of the meeting.


A busy day of negotiations ended with a wonderful excursion to the sights of the cradle of the Russian intellectuals on the Oka riverside.

Drafts of memorandum of understanding are under preparing and will contribute to further interaction for all-round mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and Hungarian entrepreneurs. This is especially important in a challenging international economic environment facing the aftermath of a pandemic. The cooperation will help to stabilize the situation and discover new opportunities for entrepreneurs in both countries.

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