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"Thanks to" the quarantine, Russians practically bypassed such an acute problem as the spring allergy. With the onset of summer, the self-isolation regime is lifting: people begin to go to the streets en masse, spend a lot of time in nature, in parks and other green areas - they learn to get to know the world anew.

But the diseases recurrence amid compromised immunity in a changed environmental situation is still here. As well as the consequences: itching, chills, burning, dryness, coughing, sneezing, redness, tearfulness, etc.

There are a lot of variants of "pollenosis" manifestation (seasonal fever - ed.), And most often, the reason is the reaction of the organism to flowering and dusting of plants: trees grow everywhere and "dust" over long distances. Good examples are poplar or birch.

What happens if allergies are not treated?

“If there is even a small tendency to allergies, the appearance of a pronounced allergic reaction can be triggered by concomitant factors, such as: polluted air, taking several different medications during illness, eating food with dyes, for example, Chupa Chups, and others factors. At the same time, the allergy may not be realized at all, you may live your whole life not finding out that you have an allergy”, says Nadezhda Magarina, head of the GMS Clinic pediatrics center.

It may happen that the body "outgrows" it and everything will heal on its own, but there is a high probability of the disease chronification. It is very important not to ignore the body alarm signals, to identify the allergen (external irritant - ed.) And prevent its development.

The question is always the same: how to cure allergies?

You can refer to "folk medicine":

   1. Drink milk with tar;

   2. Take herbal teas;

   3. Rinse eyes with onion solution with honey;

   4. Apply oat and buckwheat "wraps", etc.

The effectiveness of home treatment with folk remedies is doubtful and does not guarantee the manifestation of any new irritants. Traditional medicine, which includes, among other things, correctly selected drugs and preventive measures, is much more effective.

How to protect yourself from an aggressive external environment?

   1. Eliminate contact with the allergen;

   2. Choose a special diet, food, household chemicals;

   3. Conduct wet and dry cleaning of the rooms regularly;

   4. Undergo medical treatment (in difficult cases - ed.);

   5. Use antihistamines for prophylactic purposes.

"If a person does not have very many allergens, and he or she follows a diet at the right time and follows the recommendations of doctors, then soon you may completely forget what an allergy is, that you should always carry nasal drops and antihistamines with you , explained Dr. Magarina.

What types of preventive measures are there?

   1. Nasal drops;

   2. Throat sprays;

   3. Ointments;

   4. Pills;

  5. Inhalers.

The choice of an inhaler should be considered carefully: it many contain essential oils that are dangerous for bronchial diseases, such as asthma.

This summer appeared an inhaler from the Hungarian company InHALO on the Russian market - a portable means for halotherapy (salt treatment - ed.).

“Dry salt has a proven antibacterial effect, helps by lungs drainage and supports oxygen absorption in lungs. All these are very important factors for asthma patients. <….>. The oils InHALO contains, are 100% organic (do not contain ether - ed.): Lemongrass, mint, cloves", - says a representative of the manufacturer.

InHALO devices can be used both for therapeutic treatment in combination with other medications (as in the case of asthma - ed.), And as a prophylaxis for patients with chronic pollenosis or sinusitis.

“The favorable effect (halotherapy - ed.) is proved on clinical patients, as well as positive impact on external respiration. Draining, mucolytic, immunomodulating, bronchodilator effects have been found, ”says Irina Arustamyan, leading specialist of the ANO Medical Center “XXI century”

InHALO has already proved itself abroad: in 2019 it was awarded as "Best New Specialty Health Product" in London. The company is represented on the Russian market by the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency HEPA.

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