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Oil and gas magazine with use of augmented reality technology was nominated at "MediaTEK-2020"

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“Gas Business” magazine has become a nominee in the Sixth All-Russian competition for media, press services of fuel and energy companies and regional administrations "MediaTEK-2020".

Readers of the article "How AR rotamers can reduce the number of accidents at oil and gas enterprises" can see in realtime a 3D model of a flow meter from Phoenix Control Kft, presented on the Russian market by the HEPA Moscow Office (Hungarian Export Development Agency). The project was developed jointly with the ARROUND platform, based on the first worldwide social network in augmented reality ARROUND.

“Thanks to augmented reality (AR), the data is sent directly to the company's server when the smartphone with the ARROUND application installed is pointed at the BRV-131 model. Also, right on the spot, the AR-functionality will determine the correct operation and give recommendations for further maintenance”, the article says.

When you point the smartphone camera at the pages of the magazine, you can examine the device of a high-tech flow meter in detail (the 3D model is made with the original dimensions). In a similar way, using ARROUND, employees record data on the presence of impurities.

According to the manufacturer's assurances, the Hungarian novelty will significantly reduce the risk of potential accidents in production (only in 2018-2019, about 20 emergencies were recorded in Russia at oil and gas enterprises - ed.), extend the service life of the equipment and increase the accuracy of readings, eliminating "human factor". For the convenience of enterprises, all information instantly uploads to internal servers.

The organizers of "MediaTEK" also noted the innovative approach of the "Gas Business" magazine in materials design. AR add-ons use interactivity to turn useful industry articles into a showcase. This is especially important in the field of production, where you want not only to read about the product, but also to examine it from all sides.

The expert council of the competition is headed by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. The expert council includes heads of the largest federal business media, heads of journalist departments of Russian higher educational institutions, representatives of state authorities.

The main goal of MediaTEK is to stimulate the professional growth of energy companies in the field of information coverage of their activities, stimulate projects related to the popularization of the fuel and energy complex and increase the importance of people employed in the energy, oil and gas sectors.

In addition to the classic nominations, the organizers of the competition plan to draw attention to materials covering the activities of fuel and energy companies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The winners of MediaTEK 2020 will be announced during the Russian Energy Week forum on October 13-16 in Moscow.

Source: PR online