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Открываем границы! Распахиваем объятия!

fullnews-15889309500Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency is ready to open new horizons for cooperation for Russian entrepreneurs.

Attention to economic "instability" both in Russia and around the world is growing every day (thank COVID-19 and isolation). 

But this is not just another piece of news that everything is bad in this time and we are sitting on a bubble that is about to burst.

This article is about when, if not now, is the time to strengthen relations with foreign countries? - we are all in the same boat, after all. Noah will not come, and the ark should already be completed.

Now, more than ever, special attention should be paid to non-standard solutions, because such solutions, as a rule, are this "ark". Today, “young” businesses are in the focus of interest. And how they overcome the hardest tests, how they adapts to changing conditions, what solutions are being implemented in companies and what results are already there.

Let us analyze the specific example – the Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA MOSCOW Office). The main mission of the agency is to allow Russian businessmen to get acquainted with Hungarian manufacturers in the field of food, consumer goods, cosmetology, beauty industry, industry, medical equipment, developments in the innovation field, recycling and alternative energy sources.

In difficult times, the agency gives a new breath to Russian distributors and sellers - to enrich their products with an assortment of Hungarian manufacturers.

Thematic articles are published monthly, the market situation is constantly analyzed. Recommendations from leading business analysts are issued to help Russian businessmen familiarizing themselves with new suppliers and introduce «new» time-honored products to end consumers of the Russian Federation.

Yes, because all those who are a little over 30 remember "imported snacks obtained through the buddy system ". In Soviet times - in the era of friendship between the socialist countries - our countrypeople liked food from an ecologically clean country, unique due its climatic conditions. And what a joy was it for a family to get a Hungarian wall cabinet made of solid oak - they still decorate many apartments - after all, this is furniture for centuries!

For centuries will last friendship between our countries. HEPA MOSCOW Office will help everyone who wants to get acquainted with Hungarian manufacturers, get interaction opportunities, develop and launch an advertising campaign.

So, for example, in the midst of pandemic, the HEPA MOSCOW Office decided to choose not just one, but an innovative two-way development of business relations and information flow between market participants by introducing augmented reality - all for buyers that they could easily make a decision to buy the right cosmetics.

A simple, modern and very circumspect solution without large financial investments.


This is a model of establishing business processes with a non-standard, innovative approach. This is what the HEPA MOSCOW Office is ready to teach Russian entrepreneurs and give them the opportunity for a new opportunity in business development.

Source: Globalmsk.ru