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On July 15, were held trilateral negotiations on the interaction of the two countries on the territory of the WelnaEcoSpaResort hotel complex in Tarusa.


Representative of the Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA) Margarita Horvath announced to the host party the initiative of the HEPA MOSCOW Office: to organize sister resorts of Hungary and Russia.

The resorts will commit disseminate information in order to acquaint their guests with the unique features of their partners, their advantages, as well as with products of friendly resorts.


In the framework of this initiative were presented products of the companies ZEMA (handmade jewelry made of porcelain), cosmetics from ThermalKozmetikaiKft., PearlEuropeLtd. and LumillLtd, as well as IlPerfetto® instant drinks, Premium oils from the Hungarian brand OlajütőSzövetkezet, and, of course, Tokaj wine.

It was also proposed to organize a permanent trade-fair of Hungarian goods for the guests of the complex and, after studying the market and consumer characteristics of Hungarian citizens, choose goods of Tarusa production for presenting them in Hungarian thermal resorts. This will contribute to the pleasant acquaintance of Russian tourists with the culture, habitudes and gourmet items of friendly country. And eco-products made by WELNA will impress Hungarian gourmets.

The participants of the negotiations were:

• Curator of the Moscow office of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency HEPA Margarita Horvath;
• Development Director of the Moscow office of the HEPA Agency - VenRusTrade Igor Vereikin (HEPA MOSCOW Office);
• Marketing Advisor Tata Lustas;
• Business consultant Ekaterina Antonova;
• Head of Sales Department WelnaEcoSpaResort Yulia Begmatova;
• Managing Director WelnaEcoSpaResort Polina Borisova;
• Acting head of the administration of the municipal district "Tarusa district" Igor Karaulov; 
• Deputy Head of Administration of the Municipal District "Tarusa District" Roman Soloviev.

Igor Vereikin, Development Director of the HEPA MOSCOW Office said: “We are confident that Welna will become in the future a hospitable host for holding the Days of Hungary in Tarusa. With the support of the Hungarian Cultural Center in Russia and with the participation of the Hungarian Embassy in Russia, local habitant can familiarize themselves with the culture and national habitudes of a friendly people".


A fashionable but cozy suburban eco-complex, located in a little more than 100 km from Moscow in a scenic place on the riverside, is ready to provide guests with everything they need for a pleasant and comfortable stay in the Moscow region.


Parties prepare the memorandum of the WelnaEcoSpaResort in Tarusa recognition as a sister resort of the Hungarian thermal spa resort, as well as an memorandum of understanding, which will bring cooperation between the two countries to a new level. It is planned to prepare tourist, cultural, educational, treatment and prophylactic and trade programs aimed at the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

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