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Spring is the time to recharge your batteries with high-quality and delicious hot drinks from the Hungarian company Il Perfetto

hotchoc-box (1) Spring is the time when you have to rebuild in a new way. The body may lack vitamins, trace elements, as well as endorphins - hormones of joy. High-quality and delicious drinks from the Hungarian company Il Perfetto will help to make the days warmer and the evenings cozier. The company was able to enter the Russian market and please Russians with European quality products thanks to HEPA MOSCOW, a partner of the Hungarian HEPA Export Promotion Agency.

What's better than a cup of flavored hot chocolate? Just like in the childhood, right? And during a period of acute vitamin deficiency, invigorating and tasty hot drinks - such as coffee, chocolate or cocoa - are indispensable! Of course, not only taste is important, but also quality. It is these products that will give a positive charge and make any day perfect. The drinks are presented in the assortment of the Hungarian company Il Perfetto, which produces premium instant drinks.

All Il Perfetto products - from creams, toppings and flavored powders to chocolate, tea and coffee - are of outstanding quality. For production are used carefully selected European raw materials, as well as the latest technologies and Il Perfetto's own recipes and developments. A wide range of products makes it easy to find what suits your taste.

Get a boost of endorphins

Among the drinks that not only have a warming effect and outstanding taste, but also can cheer you up are hot chocolate and cocoa. This feature is very important during a pandemic, periodic self-isolation and deficiency of vitamins and strengths. These drinks contain a variety of potassium and calcium salts that benefit bones and skin, as well as a high content of iron and magnesium - elements that directly affect the amount of energy and strength. And the addition of milk to drinks allows all components to be absorbed quickly and almost completely.

Thanks to its composition and high-quality raw materials, Il Perfetto hot chocolate is the best way to cheer you up and improve your general condition. It is prepared according to a special recipe, and each grain is selected with love.

Interesting fact: cocoa and hot chocolate are most often drunk by children. Although adults also love this drink and often order it in a cafe or prepare it at home. However, because of the associations with a happy childhood and its properties, parents buy cocoa and hot chocolate primarily for their children.

Make the morning more cheerful

image1 Many Russians cannot imagine their morning or their day without a cup of coffee. In 2019, this drink even surpassed tea consumption in Russia. Today coffee is bought in a variety of variations - in beans, ground, instant, even as part of coffee blends. Interestingly, cappuccino is among the favorites of Russians. This drink is preferred by 43% of coffee lovers. Latte is in second place - 26% drink it, Americano - 13%, and Raf - 4%.

The line from the Hungarian company Il Perfetto will help diversify the choice for real connoisseurs of coffee and give the opportunity to try new things. Its arsenal includes high-quality flavored powders for dairy drinks, delicious 2in1 and 3in1 coffee blends, as well as the favorite cappuccino and easy-to-prepare instant and roasted coffee.

Thanks to the European approach, Il Perfetto monitors the quality of its products with particular attention and is interested in exploring new recipes that will delight true coffee lovers. The emergence of the new company on the Russian market was possible due to HEPA MOSCOW, a partner of the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency HEPA. The agency actively contributes to the strengthening of relations between Russia and Hungary, the exchange of experience and the supply of high-quality Hungarian products.

“In a period of increased stress and vitamin deficiency, good mood and strength are essential for successful work and vigorous activity of a person. Therefore, it is so important that people produce "hormones of joy" - endorphins. And high-quality, tasty, and most importantly healthy drinks from the Hungarian company Il Perfetto perfectly contribute to this. Thanks to the entry into the market of a new Hungarian company, Russians will be able to enjoy real Hungarian warmth and care - giving comfort and good mood, so necessary for a positive attitude”, says Dmitry Peshkov, Director of External Communications at HEPA MOSCOW.