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The fortieth International Exhibition of agriculture and agricultural machinery in Budapest - "Agromashexpo"

The International Exhibition of Agriculture and Agricultural Machinery will be held in Budapest on January 26-29, 2022.  The main theme of "Agromashexpo" is agriculture and agricultural machinery. The exhibition is held with the support of the National Association of Manufacturers of Special Equipment and the National Association of Grain Producers, which, according to the established tradition, will hold a "Day of arable land" as part of the event. This year, for the convenience of participants from the regions and other countries, Agromashexpo will also be held online (https://agromashexpo.hu/en/virtual-exhibition /), the application will also be available to partners, the possibility of direct participation in online forums. A show of agrobots presented by PREGA AgRobot Show is planned at the exhibition in order to demonstrate the capabilities of modern robotics in the agricultural sector. 

The exhibition will host a large number of professional forums dedicated to the development and implementation of the latest technologies in agriculture and Agro-industry. Specialists will present the latest developments in the field of information technology, genetics, engineering solutions to improve the efficiency of agricultural production.

Among the partners of the Hungarian Export Agency HEPA, the following companies will take part in the exhibition: Hevesgép Kft., FLIEGL ABDA Gépgyártó Kft. and Water&Soil Kft., as well as Marton Genetics.

Marton Genetics: One of the largest seed companies in Hungary, whose experience in the selection, adaptation and improvement of seed material of cereals and oilseeds has more than 70 years.  The seed material of the company, based on the latest developments in the field of plant genetics, is of the highest quality, reliability and adaptability and high nutrient content.  The advantage is that mainly Hungarian, improved varieties with high resistance and good genetic potential are used for breeding, which allows you to quickly change the seed material to meet the needs of the customer. The widest range of seeds sold is represented among corn. The pride of the company is the varieties of super early ripening, which allows you to grow products in regions with a relatively short growing season. During the exhibition the company will present its developments in the field of plant development in space and potential prospects for the development of this area in the future.

Hevesgép Kft.: Hungarian enterprise for the production of agricultural machinery and equipment with more than 60 years of experience. The company was founded in 1958, in order to provide a technical base for the needs of agriculture. It has been producing agricultural machinery since 1970, and since 1976 it has been supplying products to the European market as part of international integration.

The range of manufactured products is extremely wide, and according to its purpose it can be divided into the following groups:

     •    the systems for grain storage and processing: cleaners, dryers, silos for storing crops and corresponding loading and unloading machines, superstructures of steel structures
     •    the equipment for livestock farms: universal adapters for collecting feed, grinding grain, machines for covering with silage film, equipment for fermentation of manure.
      •    the tillage machinery: machinery for assembling stones from fields, stone crushing machinery, stone harvesting machines and rolls.

All products are fully manufactured at our own enterprise, from parts to finished assembly. In the case of  complexes and equipment, it also performs installation, commissioning and training.

FLIEGL ABDA Gépgyártó Kft.: for decades it has had a high reputation for its quality, innovative and practical solutions in agriculture. These advantages have allowed Fliegl to take a leading position in Europe in the agricultural trailer sector. Whether it's dump trucks, original push-out trailers, slurry trucks or harvesting logistics, Fliegl always offers the perfect transport concept for any needs. The plant in Abda is engaged in the production of agricultural machinery and the automotive industry.

The company's factory have 237 of employs, and it is the main base for production in Eastern Europe. The company produces agricultural machinery, trailers, tanks, special vehicles, cargo trailers, etc.

Water&Soil Kft.: the company produces moisture-retaining conditioners for soils. These conditioners increase water retention in soils, moisture content in the root system. They do not allow fertilizers to penetrate deep layers and pollute groundwater. Air conditioners are environmentally friendly and do not pollute water resources. The products work in the ground for about 3 months, application is recommended at the beginning of the growing season. significantly less damage from drought. Plants can survive in extreme drought conditions for twice as long without serious damage, which reduces crop losses, and a lower stress level will manifest itself in higher yields.

The dehumidifier also reduces changes in soil conditions caused by drought, which has numerous detrimental effects. Over-dried soil can become water-repellent, reducing water absorption during subsequent plantings, which in turn increases the likelihood that the soil will become airless. A decrease in the amount of oxygen in the soil entails a decrease in the availability of water for plants. Moisture-retaining conditioner neutralizes this effect. Thanks to the moisture-retaining device, the treated soil is able to additionally retain moisture from the air during periods of high humidity (morning or night evaporation).