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The Hungarian Export Development Agency HEPA informed about its activities in Russia

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The Hungarian Export Agency HEPA (the Hungarian analogue of the Russian Export Center REC) informed about the main directions of its activities in Russia, what types of Hungarian goods are in the greatest demand among Russian consumers and what are the prospects for the development of Russian-Hungarian trade relations. The importance of HEPA`s work is emphasized, which allows Russian entrepreneurs to develop joint projects with the Hungarian side, creating new jobs and making Hungarian goods more accessible to domestic consumers.

Moscow, October 14, 2020 - The Moscow partner office of HEPA agency (HEPA MOSCOW) has been successfully working for years as an organizer of interaction between Russian and Hungarian companies, helping to remove barriers to Hungarian exports, facilitating logistics and contributing to the development of bilateral relations between Russia and Hungary.

Hungarian companies, wishing to discover the Russian market, get wide access to the HEPA information base, where they can get actual information on the market, goods and services, advice on legal regulations, product certifications, logistics and business consulting. In addition, HEPA MOSCOW assists entrepreneurs in negotiating, organizes participation in thematic exhibitions, forums, seminars, as well as B2B events.

Most of the HEPA MOSCOW events are supported by Russian business associations such as Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, MCCI, and “Opora Rossii”, which contributes to a high level of organization and attracting the maximum number of stakeholders from business and government agencies. HEPA MOSCOW also works closely with the Hungarian Embassy. The agency not only promotes Hungarian products to the Russian market, but also provides assistance to Russian entrepreneurs interested in working on the Hungarian market and setting up joint ventures.


The HEPA MOSCOW mandate includes not only Russia, but also Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia. One of the goals of the agency is development of Hungarian exports and promotion of goods and services to these markets. Work in these countries is carried out in close coordination with the national chambers of commerce and industry, as well as public, economic and business associations of the countries.

Currently, cooperation is carried out in the following sectors: healthcare, agriculture, construction, environmental projects, food processing, mechanical engineering and supply industry, creative projects, as well as digital solutions and ICT.


“Hungary is one of the fastest growing European markets. For many years Russia and Hungary have been linked by warm, good-neighborly relations, which are actively developing despite their geographical location and the absence of common borders. People of the CIS countries of the older generation remember well and appreciate the quality of Hungarian goods. One of the tasks of the HEPA Moscow office is to strengthen the confidence in Hungarian products on the part of modern consumers in the CIS countries, as well as to increase the share of Hungarian exports to the CIS countries and the

Customs Union. These processes are actively promoted by the trust-based relations between Russia and Hungary at the highest government level, which is confirmed by the conclusion of memorandums of cooperation and the development of economic relations. In a word, it is difficult to overestimate the prospects for bilateral Russian-Hungarian cooperation equally beneficial to both sides. In the coming years, we expect to reach a qualitatively new level in the development of Hungarian exports”, stressed Dmitry Peshkov, Director of External Communications of HEPA MOSCOW.

Source: www.globalmsk.ru