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How to get rid of allergies after quarantine?

"Thanks to" the quarantine, Russians practically bypassed such an acute problem as the spring allergy. With the onset of summer, the self-isolation regime is lifting: people begin to go to the streets en masse, spend a lot of time in nature, in parks and other green areas - they learn to get to know the world anew.

Opening the borders! Opening our arms!

For centuries will last friendship between our countries. HEPA MOSCOW Office will help everyone who wants to get acquainted with Hungarian manufacturers, get interaction opportunities, develop and launch an advertising campaign. So, for example, in the midst of pandemic, the HEPA MOSCOW Office decided to choose not just one, but an innovative two-way development of business relations and information flow between market participants by introducing augmented reality - all for buyers that they could easily make a decision to buy the right cosmetics.

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